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The Zero Quarter (company)

As emerging high-tech "innovator" or "early adopter" startups first begin to consider their international expansion they find themselves in their Zero Quarter. They do not yet have the benefit of hindsight, so it becomes difficult to justify investment in local resources, early partnerships, brand development and service coverage.​

The Zero Quarter (Leader)

As new Country Managers or Regional Sales Managers are appointed in new remote territories, they find themselves in their Zero Quarter. They know that their success will depend on leveraging indirect channel partners however it is difficult to know which companies to approach, the best methods to create mutual relevance, trust, motivation, and investment in their brand.

The Zero Quarter (Individual)

As you prepare to commence in a new partnership management, channel or alliances role you find yourself in your Zero Quarter. You will require skills and productivity tools to make your job easier and you will need to know how to effectively engage other cross-functional business units. Not only do you need to understand your own company, you also need to empathise with the growth objectives and business priorities of each of the strategic partners that you will work with.


To help facilitate the sourcing & activation of supply chains and partner ecosystems for high tech companies who plan to emerge into the Asia Pacific or Australasian markets.


Continually research & develop tools that provide a structured methodology for partner ecosystem development across three layers.

  • Professional development for individuals 

  • Advisory services to team leaders

  • Virtual resourcing options for new vendors

ZeroQ can operate in those voids where it is either difficult to justify full time headcount for channel management resources or there are limitations due to time zones, resourcing, travel restrictions & local market knowledge.


Drawing on 20 years of high-tech startup experience, ZeroQ can help to navigate the risks associated with such a diverse region and help with appropriate partner selection, negotiation, and activation. Our consulting services, productivity tools and training curriculum can be leveraged to align your indirect sales go-to-market during any phase of your first 5 years in the region.

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