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Partner networking

We know that vendors are always looking for help to find the right partners to represent them.


By subscribing to the ZeroQ community we can help with some targeted introductions to suitable organisations that could potentially provide:


  • An audience with potential buyers for your specific products and services.

  • Existing supply agreements with your target prospects.

  • Expertise in your field.

  • Localised pre-sales, implementation services or support services.

Vendor networking

We know that resellers, SI's and IT consultancy organisations are always looking for opportunities to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

By subscribing to the the ZeroQ community we can help to connect you with new emerging vendor technologies that might overlap with your specific fields of expertise.

These emerging vendors could either provide you with an early mover advantage for your local market or they could provide complimentary add-on value that will improve the profitability of your current sales pursuits.

News & Publications (coming soon)

17th September 2021

ZeroQ has signed its first contract.

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